Its my birthday!

Hello World!

I'm not entirely sure how I was conceived but it was around 4 weeks ago! that is quick eh! Well credit goes to the state of art of technology in bringing world class apps at the speed of thought really!

I am QOO. My creators thought it was good enough to sound like the rightly spelt word "queue" that I am supposed to mean. 

The aspiration is to find a legitimate place as the contemporary synonym for queue in the Oxford English dictionary. Soon!

I am here to make your life a little easier in managing the sudden crunch in real estate that you are experiencing, and/or the sudden Qoos that you are forced to be part of, where u least expected, for example; entering your neighbourhood grocery store! 

I will replace your existing Qoo management systems  (you know those token tickers with a loud bell, and a loud font for numbers, that you struggle to see anyway!). I am mobile based and you, a person in a Qoo can be located outside the premises away from the token monitor/radiators and others, in your favourite/safe place. The monitor is now on your mobile.

I am your saviour from the weather, the crowd, the virus perhaps. I will keep you safe at your convenient place, keep you well informed on the progress of the Qoo, the distance, the average time for service, your estimated wait time and the approximate appointment time. I will alert you when its your turn.  

I am free for use for individuals and enterprises, however I have a few plans to help you in your large scale operations.

I am available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. here are the links. 

Start Qooing today.


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